Simple Food Made Easy

The best meal in the world is one that is made from scratch. A handful of ingredients and some imagination can lead to something really great. Some heart and a simple recipe is all it takes. The old adage of practice making perfect really does apply to cooking.

A good starting place is with a recipe which has been tried and tested but definitely leaves room for a little experimentation. Find the right recipe and select some really great ingredients, to suit a particular taste, and then get started.

There is no need for hours of training because the best dishes are ones that are just thrown together. A pinch of this and a dash of that can have really great results. Add those ingredients which appeal, but take care not to add too many or the dish might be overwhelming.

A few tips and a couple of shortcuts will have top class dishes coming out of the kitchen. Simple is the way to go bearing in mind that it is the first glance which captures most diner's attention. The smell plays a significant role and then the taste.

Start really small with something like a simple salad and then work up towards a dessert. A three course meal is so easy to prepare that many times people avoid trying because cooking makes them nervous. Cooking is not something to be afraid of but rather something to enjoy.

A main course could be meat and potatoes or even a couple of vegetables. For the people who prefer not to eat meat there are some great meat free dishes, which can be made. The only limit to a great main course is a lack of imagination.

Dessert can be as simple as a plain ice cream with a couple of slices of fruit or perhaps a spoon of cream with a wafer stuck in it. It depends on what the person cooking prefers and what their guests prefer. A little bit of thought and planning ahead will get dessert done before the rest of the meal is prepared.

Get a little practice in and then try something a little more complex. There are a great many recipe books available, but many times the older the book the better the recipe. Many great old books will often be handed down from generation to generation with wonderful notes in the margins, as the recipes have been perfected over time.
With over 30 years experience in the kitchen and being a lover of great recipe books I created an amazing website called to help out people that feel a little challenged in the kitchen.

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