Grilling Tips - Grill Pizza This Summer

Baking pizza on the grill is very popular these days. Whether you use a gas grill or grill your pizza on a charcoal grill, you will find the result delicious.
You can grill pizza any time of the year, but most of us do the bulk of our grilling in the outdoors during summer. One of the biggest benefits of summer grilling is not having turn on your kitchen oven and therefore not having to heat up your house.
Another benefit of grilling pizza is the added flavor you get. While you can get some flavor using a gas grill, try using a charcoal grill to really add smoky, rustic flavor to your pizza. These flavors will compliment well with other grilled ingredients, whether proteins or vegetables.
It can be a little tricky and takes some practice to perfect your method, so if at first you do not succeed...give it another try.
Here is a tip however (perhaps I learned this from experience), don't try this for the first time if you have a hungry family waiting to be fed:)
In theory any pizza dough recipe can be used for grilling pizza. However, most of the pizza doughs I make are very, very wet by most standards and I have found them very difficult/impossible to work on a grill.
Use a pizza dough recipe that will hold its shape when formed and moved from the pizza peel or plate to the grill.
I found that I can par-bake my wet pizza dough in the oven on a pizza stone to "set it", and then transfer them to the grill. A par baked pizza is when the dough is partially baked, and then typically rapidly frozen for storage.
While this cooking technique is most often used by large companies or high volume bakeries, it can also be applicable to the home pizza cook as well. While this is another step and takes more work, the good then is that the par baking can be done ahead of time.
Here is another tip, your pizza should be as thin as possible before placing on the grill. If you try cooking a thick crust pizza using the direct fire method of grilling, the outside will cook while the inside will still be raw. There are a couple alternatives including cooking on a pizza stone, or using indirect heat, but for me this defeats the purpose grilling pizza.
Happy grilling!
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